PokéStops Forever

The only thing that can get me out of the house in a flash, besides taking my dog for a walk or seeing my boyfriend, is going out to catch some Pokémon! Ever since they released Pokémon Go back in 2016 I’ve been obsessed. It was like a dream I never knew I had come true! It was one thing to play the card game – which I’ll never get over, of course – but it’s something else completely to be able to see those little cute-but-strong monsters in AR.

My boyfriend detests the game. He hates the cards, doesn’t mind the anime, but detests Pokémon Go. Such a shame we can’t go Pokémon hunting together, but he understands how much this means to me, plus, he also has his own hobbies which I’m not really into, like mountain bike riding, so it’s only fair to say that we agree to disagree.

Now that I have my own company to enjoy – and enjoy it quite I do! – I can freely go out around my neighborhood and explore the PokéStops as much as I want to. My parents don’t get it, but, they can’t really say anything because I still have a job and a social life, albeit most of my social life is online, apart from my boyfriend and a couple of friends.

I’ve made a ritual out of it. A few times a week I will dress up, put on some make-up, grab my favorite sunglasses and my favorite watch, put on my Pikachu sneaks, and grab my headphones. I always listen to BTS when I go hunting for Pokémon.

I usually walk around following the map, and try to catch as much Pokémon as I can find. Being a PokéMaster can be exhausting! Some days you’re luckier than others, but I just enjoy the process. After a while, I take a rest, grab a coffee to go, and just wander around. Then I take a different way home and usually look for Gyms. I’m ready to battle other PokéMasters by then!

Pokémon Go is really the best game ever. I can’t believe we live in a world where we get to experience AR on our phones! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the day they’ll develop this game for VR, it’ll be sooo exciting! And until then, I’m just gonna continue enjoying my walks to and fro the PokéStops!

Last Night, Playing Pokémon GO!

It was late at night, the time of evening when those who like to prowl are a foot. You have to have your wits about you and watch and listen at every turn. You may be hunting someone yourself, like I am looking for Pokémon, but you can encounter all kinds of unearthly beings. You must be ready. They can hide in nooks and crannies and pop out when least expected. So, I carry a good police flashlight from Flashlight Pro to light my way and to reveal whatever lies lurking about. But it is only Pokémon I seek. The flashlight is a heavy duty large size. It is my constant companion. It can do double duty as a weapon to clobber anyone who bars my way. It is just as intimidating as anything else despite its harmless appearance. Think of it as a kind of police baton that also lights up the environment.

I move slowly so I don’t miss anything unexpected in my path. I am careful and watchful with eyes peeled to capture anything unexpected. I am stealthy and surefooted. It pays to be on your guard. Enemies abound even when you are on a harmless mission. It is all, of course, in my mind’s eye, but it is a powerful dream I have concocted that stays with me when I am awake. I must find what I seek. I must prevail. A dream is only successful if you accomplish your goal. I have all the experience in the world. It seems like I have been here before many times, but each one has a slightly different coloration. People say I have a vivid imagination and I would agree. Sometimes I see rising mists that are released from the solid ground. They surround me and protect me from evil. I have no fear as I cannot be seen until I wish to emerge. It is a matter of will. No one can force me to do anything. So, I continue to search as long as necessary. I know that in due time, I will find what I am looking for and it is only one thing. It gives me a focus and a limited range of expectations.

My flashlight grows heavy in my hand. I turn it off to enjoy the blissful dark of night. It is peaceful and quiet, a time when all voices are still. My brain is still turning however and generates its constant thoughts. I think I hear something. I turn the light back on, but there is nothing before me. I advance cautiously and make my way in the mist, one foot at a time. It is a solitary and lonely walk. There is no one present. I stumble and almost fall on a tree root. I steady myself and get my bearings. I have to be ready and Pokémon is before me. I have reached my goal. I am at the end of the line so to speak. I can wake with pleasure.


Emerald needs to get fit and she found the cutest little trampoline for indoor home use. Yes, she could go to the gym and work out strenuously in front of others, but no, she will not go that route. She will enjoy her new purchase as she wishes in the privacy of her bedroom while watching her favorite animation. Her action device is white with a red trim. She has painted black stars on the surface. They are a kind of inspiration and motto for her workout experience. And it is by no means ordinary.

Do the small trampolines work as well as the big ones you ask? Why yes, of course. If you can keep yourself in one position and not flop around and fall off, you are sure to benefit from the smaller space used. That is all most of us have anyway. You can elect to go outside by the pool or stay under shelter on the patio, but most homes and apartments have someplace one can stash this bouncing wonder. Worst case scenario is to stash it in a closet and use it in the hall.

I got the best trampoline that I could afford because it seemed like fun at the time and that turned out to be very true. You can get hypnotized going up and down, up and down, seemingly forever. It works the muscles but good. Your legs get the most benefit, but you can get your arms into the action as well. It builds strength, stamina, and muscle tone: just what the doctor ordered! I could have purchased some weights—boring. I could have bought some elastic bands and straps—boring. I could have gone for big plastic balls—cute but boring. I want to move like my favorite flexible anime heroes, to be in their zone, partake of their bounding spirits. And so I bought the trampoline for beneficial bouncing.

I love this simple thing. Just a piece of stretch canvas and a metal rim wrapped in cloth. My dog watches dutifully as it pop up and down before his eager eyes. He moves his crazy little head as I rise and fall in rhythm. It makes me laugh so hard that I almost fall off the springing mat. I can’t say that this is for everyone, but it is definitely for me. I am getting to the point of doing it twice a day: when I get up, and after dinner. Wow! I am going to be fit as a fiddle and thin as a rail to use some worn out old terms. But they work.

I am maybe overdoing it a bit, but at first it’s like that with new things. Who knew getting in shape could be such fun. I thought exercise was regimented and rote. With the trampoline you feel that you could reach the skies. There is such freedom and joy about it. It releases your inner energy and boosts your spirit. I think it might spark creativity as well while it rattles the brain into new modes of thinking. Trust me. This is a very good thing!

Cold Shock

One night, I came home late, dead tired. I had been out all day and was exhausted. I also felt a bit grubby and yearned for a nice hot shower to rinse off the dregs of the day. This was my one ritual that I could count on, on demand. I was thinking about it all the way home in the car. By the time I got there I was practically in a frenzy to get started. I ran into the bathroom to get undressed and pull out a towel and terry robe. In seconds I would be under the faucet.

I didn’t linger, although I had plenty of time. I would soon be in bed watching a last cartoon for the evening to help me glide into a deep sleep. It’s interesting how your body has a memory of something good, like a hot shower, so much so that you can practically feel it. Ah, the warmth deep into your bones.

I turned the hot knob first, knowing that it takes a little time. Then the cold one. I waited and waited a bit more. Uh oh, something was wrong. The cold stayed cold and the hot never materialized. I was in cold shock. Ugh. I couldn’t believe I was taking a dreaded cold shower. The spray felt like icy pins on my skin. My blood was going into deep freeze mode. I wanted to get sleepy: it was late. I did not need re-invigoration or revitalization. In essence, I was hopping mad.

I felt like Gohan provoked. Normally I, like him, am reticent enough, but when I am riled, I spew fire. And I don’t even need Z fighters. Like Gohan, I too am shy, studious and border on the intellectual. But we both have our emotional reserves which we can tap when angry. I was out of control mentally and wanted to burst from the bathroom and take on the hot water foe. Was it the hot water heater this time gone rebellious? It had done it before, even though my landlord had told me that she had put the best water heater in this apartment. Last time it played up, it had been duly reprimanded by me and the plumber alike and this time I wanted revenge even more.

I had to forego the hot shower but was still soaking wet. It took a few heavy blankets to undo the chill. I got to sleep late and woke up tired the next morning. Top on my list was the repairman. He said he would come later in the day, so my afternoon was ruined—all for a stupid tankless faceless unit. I wanted to paint an enemy face on the front of it so I could kick it a few times to feel better.

The plumber had an emergency and didn’t show until the next day. Alas, another cold shower. This was not something I wanted to get used to. I hate being at the mercy of electrical equipment. When the computer goes down I get livid. Imagine, I was so hot seething with frustration and yet I wanted more heat! I did get my wish that night, however, and calmed down enough to get back to a normal evening routine. Let me tell you, a good hot shower is worth its weight in gold!

Life Lessons As Taught By Pokémon

I’m twenty-four and still love Pokémon.  It’s a fact but one that my parents and some of my friends are not overly thrilled about.  “Your hand is going to grow adjoined to the controller if you don’t watch out,” they say.  “That Game Boy is your third hand, you play it so much.”


But, on the other hand, there are many positives about being a Pokémon fan, even at the age where many of my friends are graduating college and starting families.  For one, there are a good number of my peers who have gotten into drugs and alcohol.  Why?  They could not deal with life on life’s terms.  The stresses mounted until they just couldn’t take anymore.  In fact, one of them is no longer with us anymore.  He simply could not deal with life.


I have a way of dealing with life.  When it gets to be too much, you can find me engrossed in a good game of Pokémon.  While that may not be the healthiest way to deal with things, I am here to say, it’s not the unhealthiest either.  I have yet to see anyone arrested and jailed for playing too much Pokémon.  Neither do I know of anyone who took their life over the game either.


Pokémon has given me life.  It has added an enthusiasm that enhances my life on a daily basis.  Oh, I still work and pay my bills.  I have a boyfriend and a good circle of friends.  But what turns me on is a good game of Pokémon.  Learning of new releases of games and even movies excites me and gives me something to look forward to.  I can attest that many people I know do not look forward to anything.  They just go through the motions of life.  Me, I am really looking forward to the new Mega-Evolution of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire soon to debut.


There is much to be applauded in the game.  There are characters, like my favouite, Charizard, who has the integrity that I wish more people had.  You won’t find Charizard picking on anyone who is weaker than he is.  No way!  Charizard only takes on those who are equal to him or even stronger.


Chesnaught is a true friend to the end.  He will take a lot, personally.  He is a gentle giant.  But mess with his friends and he will breathe fire.  He will go to any lengths to defend his loved ones.


Pokemon in general are persistent creatures.  They don’t give up.  Of course there are Pokémon with bad character qualities too but one thing they all have in common is their drive to do what they do and to do it well.


Many of the Pokémon have qualities that I hope to develop more of as I play.  Trevor is studious, Shauna is curious and full of wonder and Bianca is a rambunctious kids who is taking steps to mature.  Many of the Pokémon work together and set a great example for team dynamics.


Don’t get me wrong, I know where my friends and family are coming from.  I am a twenty-four year old who is obsessed with Pokémon.  Sometimes that does seem a bit odd and perhaps less than ideal.  But it works for me.  I continually lean life lessons that are helping me to push in the right direction and are helping me to become who I want to be.

The Games Room

Emerald (that’s me) is very serious about her games and where she plays them. I created a special place, a spare room in fact, for this frequent purpose. It was a long time overdue. There I can play Pokemon cards and console games to my heart’s content without having to clean it all away to eat or do computer work of another sort. I can close the door and leave a mess—or not. It is my space.

The room is small but comfortable with a makeshift kind of desk, some basic wood chairs, and a little loveseat when I want/need to take a break. I have piled it with pillows. There is a window with a modest view and I keep it open for fresh air. Sometimes, however, it gets really hot and stuffy. I need to get air conditioning, but oh, the cost. Not possible. I can’t imagine putting in central air. So I’m off on a hunt.

I went to a used appliance store two blocks away. I had been there before having passed by and a little gotten curious. I knew it had all kinds of things for the home at a very good price, even though some of the merchandise was a little dusty. It was a place that students go, young married, and bachelors on a budget. As a thrifty soul, I went in and began to search.

After a bit of looking around at the wares, I spotted a section of portable fans. There were the usual tabletop models and I nixed those rejects right away. I didn’t want air blowing on her cards or in her face. Moving on, I saw a row of sprightly ceiling fans—an array of wooden beauties purring pleasantly as I passed under them. They actually looked like some of the best ceiling fans around.

This was it, I thought. I will get one. I asked for a store salesman and began a process of discovery. “How will I choose the right one?” “Who will install it?” “Where is the switch?” “Is it safe?” These questions were dutifully answered and I selected a light-toned wood to go with the room decor, brass detailing, and a milk glass central fixture. “Wait!” the clerk called after her. “There is a remote.”

I was overjoyed at this news. I found out she could change the airflow output and turn the light on separately. In fact, I could even dim it. I could do it all from anywhere in the room, before, during, or after a game session. I would be cool as a cucumber in summer and early fall when the temperature still threatened to reach double digits. I was in game room heaven.

Having a private game room is indeed a luxury for anyone and I made it more so with my custom accoutrements. Now I didn’t have to think about it anymore. It was taken care of once and for all. I practically lived in the room and it had to be just right. Now it was.

Growing Up With Pokémon: My Life According to the Game

Some measure their age by music.  There’s the disco era of the 70’s, new wave in the 80’s and Grunge in the 90’s.  Then there are those who mark their age by world events like when Princess Diana died or 9-11.  Me, I gauge my age by Pokémon milestones.


I was eight years old when Pokémon was first released outside of Japan.  I remember my brother got one right away.  I was so jealous.


By the time I was twelve, I had a Game Boy Advanced and the third generation of games began with “Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire”.  Of course I had to have the enhanced version, “Emerald”, because, after all, my name is…Emerald.  One hundred and thirty-five new characters were introduced and I was in heaven!


One of the best days of my life was when Nintendo DS came out.  I was 14.  It was 2004.  Of course I upgraded to the slimmer model two years later.


I remember what I was doing when the fourth generation came out.  It was 2006.  I had just gotten my driver’s license so I went right up to the game store and bought one the very day it was released.  Another 107 new species were mine for the taking!


My parents were a little concerned that I opted to stay home and play Pokemon and a few other of my favourite games instead of cruising around with friends.  They had bought me a new (used) car and one would think I would be driving around, joy riding with the rest of the kids my age.  But no, I was in the sanctuary of my room, playing games.  I think my parents were secretly happy though because they didn’t have to wonder what I was up to.  They knew.


I love “Pokémon Black and White”.  It came out when I was….well, too old to be playing Pokémon.  I think that’s when it sunk in.  I was never going to outgrow Pokémon.


Last year about this time, “X and Y” were released.  Not everyone is a fan of “X and Y”, but I sure am.  Through the years with Pokémon, I have made up my mind up not to be overly critical when new games and features are put out and just to be happy there’s something new in the mix.


Of the “X and Y’ newbies, I really like Chesnaught.  Although he looks a little rough around the gills, he is a true friend.  He’s calm, cool and collective until someone messes with one of his buddies and then he turns into a ferocious monster. He has the ability to toss over a fifty ton truck with his bare hands.  But when left alone, he is a gentle as a kitten.   I think the real world could learn from Chesnaught’s character qualities.


I have attended a few Pokémon tournaments.  I was eighteen the first time and twenty-one the second time.  I didn’t play.  I just watched but regretted that later on.  I was afraid I wasn’t good enough to even play, looking back, I am pretty sure I could have won both of the tournaments.  I plan to compete in one next year and have already started looking at the event calendar.


I am looking forward to the release of the new Mega-Evolution Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire that are set to be out soon.  I know what will be on my Christmas Wish List!


Growing up with Pokémon is a bit contradictory because gauging my years by Pokémon milestones probably means I have not grown up at all.  But when it comes right down to it, I have to wonder, is staying a kid at heart really such a bad thing?  I hope not!

My Boyfriend Doesn’t Love Pokémon…But He Loves Me!


You’d think it would be the other way around, the girlfriend tolerating the boyfriend’s obsession with Pokémon.  But in my case, it’s him who puts up with me.  And, quite honestly, I don’t see that changing anywhere in the near future either.

I am a Pokémon fan to the fullest.  I live, sleep, eat and breathe Pokémon.  Pokémon is my passion.  It is the first thought on my mind in the morning when I wake up and the last thing I do before bed.  Sure, I catch a lot of heat over my “addiction”.  Being a headstrong person, I don’t lose much sleep over the opinions of others.

In the past, I have had boyfriends who simply could not deal with my “immaturity” as one called it.  Another even advised me to go to a 12 step program for gaming addicts.  But isn’t that for people whose lives have become unmanageable and the fun has become a problem?  Well, then count me out.  I manage my life fine.  I manage to play a game or two before going to work.  And I manage at least one game every night to unwind before bed.  My Pokémon affair is definitely manageable.

As far as my current boyfriend goes, he doesn’t particularly like Pokémon.  In fact, he thinks it’s a silly game and thinks even less of the movies.  He has mentioned a time or two that maybe I will grow up one day and put to rest my “childish ways”.

No, he’s not a Pokémon fan at all but he is an Emerald fan.  He realizes that Pokémon is part of who I am.  For whatever reason, I was hooked on the game from the first time I played it.  I love the games and the movies too.  And the anime and manga and even the figurines.  I admittedly have Pokémon fever and he knows and accepts that about me.

But ya know what?  My boyfriend is an adventure racer.  He climbs crazy high mountains and goes on endurance quests where he risks life and limb just to finish a race.  He trains most every day and presses his body to do far beyond what it should do.  The doctors have warned him that it’s not healthy to be so obsessed with pushing himself to the limit as he does and I have mentioned that fact as well.  But, he does his own thing and he always will.  He is headstrong too and that’s something I happen to adore about him.

Those who nag and pester me to change my ways may have some valid points.  I am a bit old to be so passionate about Pokémon.  I should maybe spend my time taking a college course or perhaps cleaning my apartment instead.  I could stand to spend a little less on Pokémon games, movies and trading cards.

The problem with changing is that I actually love who I am.  And, I love that Pokémon is such a big part of my life.  It helps make me, “me”.  My boyfriend doesn’t have to love Pokémon as long as he loves ME!

Pokémon For Halloween: Let the Games Begin!


Halloween is the perfect opportunity for adults to be kids again.  Although I never deny the fact that I am a twenty-four year old kid, it does give me some peace of mind to know it’s more acceptable on this fun and festive day.


If you haven’t chosen your Halloween costume, you might want to be a Pokémon character.  Many of them are pretty simple to put together on your own using a little creativity and imagination. Or, you can purchase part or all of your costume from a cosplay shop or even catch a great deal on a used outfit.


Being a self-confessed Pokémon fanatic, I am going to dress up like my favourite character, Charizard.  I started looking for my costume early this year and got a real bargain on the full dragon-like suit.  I had thought about making my own but Charizard is a wee bit more difficult than some of the others.


Pikachu is pretty simple to pull off.  In fact, I went as Pikachu last year and it was a huge hit with Pokémon fans.  Just dress in a yellow sweatshirt and sweatpants and make a long tail out of yellow fabric.  I used a swim noodle to give it some form and then wrapped it with yellow fabric and added a yellow feather boa onto it with tad of fabric glue.


I bought some black poster board and cut a lightning bolt from it and attached it to my back.  Then, I made rabbit ears from yellow poster board and attached them to a yellow head band.  I made the signature black ear tips by using a Sharpie pen.  Last but not least, I painted my face yellow and made black spots around my eyes and on my nose then big red circles on my cheeks.  I had a blast making the costume and of course, had a lot of fun showing it off too.


I am planning a small Pokémon get-together this year.  For decorations, I grabbed some birthday party supplies like a piñata, some backdrops and life size standees.  I am mixing the Pokémon theme with Halloween decorations.  A friend is carving some pumpkins for me in some of the Pokémon characters.


For entertainment, I am thinking Pokémon charades and Pokémon trivia along with a marathon of Pokémon games and maybe a movie too.  I have requested my guests come in Pokémon attire, which should add a lot of life to the party.


Pokémon and Halloween go great together.  It’s the one time of year that we Pokémon fans can live out our fantasy characters and not be teased about being immature.  On Halloween, it’s ok to be immature.  In fact, it’s encouraged.  So, give yourself a break and live it up like me this Halloween, Pokémon style.

Japanese Toilet Marvels

So think toilets are pretty much the same in the developed world? That practices and customs are similar in this modern day and age? Not so. Every country and culture has their own way of dealing with those basic bodily needs. They have evolved over time and there is some interaction, but profound difference still abound. Americans are fastidious but the Japanese even are more so. This is reflected in the local taste for state-of-the-art facilities and equipment. While some people in the US draw the line at bidets, for example, hygiene-minded city folk in Tokyo opt for them every time. They are more than a perk. They are in public places, office buildings, and residences—whether single family or an apartment. When new construction is underway, the new standard is expected. No expense seems to be spared given the lavish units I have seen and most of the best toilets available today all seem to have been designed by Japanese companies. Rent in a condo can jump when the toilets are more than adequate.

Japanese like convenience and comfort when at their multi-day ritual like any other ethnic group. They also like hi-tech innovation having been at the forefront in electronics for decades. Their toilets and hybrid bidets should have programmable settings. Low-flushing capacity that is fast, noiseless, and water-saving is ideal. A bidet should have controlled temperatures to meet even the most pernickety of needs. An air dryer is more than a fancy add-on. Many find it is a prerequisite. No rolls of unsightly toilet paper rolls for the advanced in spirit. No old-fashioned levers. It is either one push button or hands-free. You don’t want to tax yourself any more than you have to in your private space!

There are many top brands like TOTO that make these high performance marvels designed to improve the quality of life around the world. They have literally changed the vision of what a bathroom can be. The company is over one hundred years old with decades of mind-blowing innovation. They have been major contributors to research and development. Japan’s rich heritage in ceramics can be seen in their fine line of products.

There are, amazingly, one and two-piece with additional wall hung models. The “washlet” is what you really need to know about. This is the part that supplies the flushing, air drying, and advanced features of the higher-end toilets. You can pay up to $5,000 for the works as seen in special elongated one-piece units. This is the height of modernity, my friend! Tankless and low profile, the water wizard sits in your bathroom with grace and aplomb. The washlet is built right in. No need to add it on. What’s more, it has cyclone flushing action and SanaGloss glazing. You will not hear a peep while it refills, which is magically instantaneous. You get front and rear warm water washing (but of course) and a deodorizer after the air drying. TOTO makes art, not just bathroom fixtures.

Guess what. The lid opens and closes automatically and the toilet bowl is cleaned upon flushing. There is nothing you have to do but use it. The sensors take care of everything else. Sit and enjoy.

I’ve been attacked by a Poke-spore

I’m a nice peaceful person. Just let me be. I don’t relish being attacked by anything; but then again if it’s Pokémon, it’s okay. I’m a super fan as you might already know. In my book, Pokémon can do no wrong in any of its incarnations, and there are many. Rumor has it there are 17 different seasons of the beloved game. Who can remember all the plots and wily machinations. I can spend hours watching TV or playing the video games. I’ve got skills and moves.

When a new game bursts on the scene, I’m right there – first in line (or should I say online). I’m at it so much that I risk being attacked by a spore that could put me to sleep. You heard right. These spores are scattered from mushrooms, so beware of their inherent magical power. It does not bring good things. Pokémon beings wear goggles to fend them off. I might not be so lucky. Even if I do sport glasses for safety, I could get toenail fungus. Sleep would be an improvement over that. (Mushrooms, fungus, get it?) Wouldn’t that be a new twist on an old game move! There would be no immunity and players would have to get treatment to prevent a dangerous infestation or worse yet, an epidemic. In fact, we could title the game “Epidemic” to fit in with the other wacko titles in the Pokémon arsenal.

What the heck is toe fungus? Who has it? It is nasty dark yellow goop under the nail bed. It just appears out of nowhere when you least expect it – one day, you’ll have Nice Feet and Healthy Nails and then the next, you’ll have gross yellow toenails. It can be contagious, so maybe it does come from Poke-spores. It lives under the nail, hiding in perfect bliss and never wants to leave. It resists your every move. The characters of Pokémon will have met their match if they become afflicted. If people can’t get rid of it, how can anything in the world of anime? I can give them some hints. Go online and load up on potent potions to treat toenail fungus that guarantee banishment of the dreaded fungus in no time flat. They don’t work on people, but on you – why not! Buy nail lacquer or try laser sessions. And then there are pills. Guys, you have options. Do not despair. However, this is a serious ailment requiring a multi-pronged remedy and some outlay of bucks. Pokémon fans, take heed and take action.

If I get toe fungus I am going to blame those Poke-spores sent to get me by some evil doer. I don’t even care if they know I’m an avid admirer and want to share some funky fun. A prank can become a problem as in this case. I can think of better things I want from Japanese anime. It’s a wonderful world of adventure and excitement, and toe fungus is not on the top of my list of must haves. It is one thing I do want to avoid all my life, but not at the expense of Pokemon!

Pokémon: Still Lovin’ It

Some people remember the first car or their first kiss.   I remember the first time I played Pokémon.  Yeah, it was THAT good!


My big brother had the game on Game Boy but would never let me play.  So, I did what little brothers do best.  I got on his Game Boy and played when he was gone one day.  I was in love, engulfed in the game that stole my heart.  I couldn’t put it down.  My brother assisted me in putting it doing so when he got home.  The punch didn’t bother me though.  It only left a small bruise and was a small price to pay for a darn good play.


Times have changed.  Well, somewhat.  I actually own my own Pokémon games now.  At twenty-four years of age, I’m such a kid.  I still love Pokémon.


What is Pokémon?  Pokémon is a group of video games that consist of the old classics and new versions as well.  They are produced by Nintendo.  The games have given way to anime, movies, manga and even trading cards and toys.


Originally, the games were for Game Boy but are on other platforms too now.  Believe it or not, the name is a Japanese tweak of the words “pocket monster”.There are 754 Pokémon to date, not that I’m counting or anything.


Charizard is my favourite without a doubt.  I mean, how can you not love the fire-breathing little guy?   His name is even cool, meaning “charred lizard”.  What I adore about him the most is that he will never pick on someone who is weaker than he is.  The real world could stand to learn a good lesson from Charizard.


Pikichu is another one of my favourite characters.  He’s a chubby mouse with long pointy ears.  He is one of the regulars and is considered to be one of the Pokémon mascots.  The game wouldn’t be the same without Pikichu, that’s for sure.


There are tons of people around the world who are just as addicted to Pokémon as I am.  There are a number of fan clubs to prove that. I’m a card-holding member.  Many of them are for adults which makes me feel better.  At least I know I am not a total freak and that I’m in good company.


There are some things about the game that seem to me should be for adults anyway.  Like the fact that Alakazam has a death sentence of sorts.  With his brain constantly growing, his future doesn’t look all that bright to me.  And what about Spoink?  Cute as cute can be, the energetic little pig bounces around non-stop.  But I would too if to stop bouncing meant I would die.  Spoink doesn’t seem like a good influence for hyperactive kids.  But Pokémon is all in fun, no matter what the critics say.


My favourite Pokémon games are Pokémon X and Y.  Why?  I like the new powers of Charizard.  He can mega evolve which is really awesome.


I somewhat remember the first time I drove a car.  But cars have come and gone.  Kisses have come and gone too.  Pokémon, though, has been my mainstay.  It has gotten me through some really dark times and has been there to help me celebrate the good times as well.  With Pokémon in my life, I may never grow up.  But again, growing up is over-rated.