Daily Archives: September 29, 2014

My Boyfriend Doesn’t Love Pokémon…But He Loves Me!


You’d think it would be the other way around, the girlfriend tolerating the boyfriend’s obsession with Pokémon.  But in my case, it’s him who puts up with me.  And, quite honestly, I don’t see that changing anywhere in the near future either.

I am a Pokémon fan to the fullest.  I live, sleep, eat and breathe Pokémon.  Pokémon is my passion.  It is the first thought on my mind in the morning when I wake up and the last thing I do before bed.  Sure, I catch a lot of heat over my “addiction”.  Being a headstrong person, I don’t lose much sleep over the opinions of others.

In the past, I have had boyfriends who simply could not deal with my “immaturity” as one called it.  Another even advised me to go to a 12 step program for gaming addicts.  But isn’t that for people whose lives have become unmanageable and the fun has become a problem?  Well, then count me out.  I manage my life fine.  I manage to play a game or two before going to work.  And I manage at least one game every night to unwind before bed.  My Pokémon affair is definitely manageable.

As far as my current boyfriend goes, he doesn’t particularly like Pokémon.  In fact, he thinks it’s a silly game and thinks even less of the movies.  He has mentioned a time or two that maybe I will grow up one day and put to rest my “childish ways”.

No, he’s not a Pokémon fan at all but he is an Emerald fan.  He realizes that Pokémon is part of who I am.  For whatever reason, I was hooked on the game from the first time I played it.  I love the games and the movies too.  And the anime and manga and even the figurines.  I admittedly have Pokémon fever and he knows and accepts that about me.

But ya know what?  My boyfriend is an adventure racer.  He climbs crazy high mountains and goes on endurance quests where he risks life and limb just to finish a race.  He trains most every day and presses his body to do far beyond what it should do.  The doctors have warned him that it’s not healthy to be so obsessed with pushing himself to the limit as he does and I have mentioned that fact as well.  But, he does his own thing and he always will.  He is headstrong too and that’s something I happen to adore about him.

Those who nag and pester me to change my ways may have some valid points.  I am a bit old to be so passionate about Pokémon.  I should maybe spend my time taking a college course or perhaps cleaning my apartment instead.  I could stand to spend a little less on Pokémon games, movies and trading cards.

The problem with changing is that I actually love who I am.  And, I love that Pokémon is such a big part of my life.  It helps make me, “me”.  My boyfriend doesn’t have to love Pokémon as long as he loves ME!