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Life Lessons As Taught By Pokémon

I’m twenty-four and still love Pokémon.  It’s a fact but one that my parents and some of my friends are not overly thrilled about.  “Your hand is going to grow adjoined to the controller if you don’t watch out,” they say.  “That Game Boy is your third hand, you play it so much.”


But, on the other hand, there are many positives about being a Pokémon fan, even at the age where many of my friends are graduating college and starting families.  For one, there are a good number of my peers who have gotten into drugs and alcohol.  Why?  They could not deal with life on life’s terms.  The stresses mounted until they just couldn’t take anymore.  In fact, one of them is no longer with us anymore.  He simply could not deal with life.


I have a way of dealing with life.  When it gets to be too much, you can find me engrossed in a good game of Pokémon.  While that may not be the healthiest way to deal with things, I am here to say, it’s not the unhealthiest either.  I have yet to see anyone arrested and jailed for playing too much Pokémon.  Neither do I know of anyone who took their life over the game either.


Pokémon has given me life.  It has added an enthusiasm that enhances my life on a daily basis.  Oh, I still work and pay my bills.  I have a boyfriend and a good circle of friends.  But what turns me on is a good game of Pokémon.  Learning of new releases of games and even movies excites me and gives me something to look forward to.  I can attest that many people I know do not look forward to anything.  They just go through the motions of life.  Me, I am really looking forward to the new Mega-Evolution of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire soon to debut.


There is much to be applauded in the game.  There are characters, like my favouite, Charizard, who has the integrity that I wish more people had.  You won’t find Charizard picking on anyone who is weaker than he is.  No way!  Charizard only takes on those who are equal to him or even stronger.


Chesnaught is a true friend to the end.  He will take a lot, personally.  He is a gentle giant.  But mess with his friends and he will breathe fire.  He will go to any lengths to defend his loved ones.


Pokemon in general are persistent creatures.  They don’t give up.  Of course there are Pokémon with bad character qualities too but one thing they all have in common is their drive to do what they do and to do it well.


Many of the Pokémon have qualities that I hope to develop more of as I play.  Trevor is studious, Shauna is curious and full of wonder and Bianca is a rambunctious kids who is taking steps to mature.  Many of the Pokémon work together and set a great example for team dynamics.


Don’t get me wrong, I know where my friends and family are coming from.  I am a twenty-four year old who is obsessed with Pokémon.  Sometimes that does seem a bit odd and perhaps less than ideal.  But it works for me.  I continually lean life lessons that are helping me to push in the right direction and are helping me to become who I want to be.

The Games Room

Emerald (that’s me) is very serious about her games and where she plays them. I created a special place, a spare room in fact, for this frequent purpose. It was a long time overdue. There I can play Pokemon cards and console games to my heart’s content without having to clean it all away to eat or do computer work of another sort. I can close the door and leave a mess—or not. It is my space.

The room is small but comfortable with a makeshift kind of desk, some basic wood chairs, and a little loveseat when I want/need to take a break. I have piled it with pillows. There is a window with a modest view and I keep it open for fresh air. Sometimes, however, it gets really hot and stuffy. I need to get air conditioning, but oh, the cost. Not possible. I can’t imagine putting in central air. So I’m off on a hunt.

I went to a used appliance store two blocks away. I had been there before having passed by and a little gotten curious. I knew it had all kinds of things for the home at a very good price, even though some of the merchandise was a little dusty. It was a place that students go, young married, and bachelors on a budget. As a thrifty soul, I went in and began to search.

After a bit of looking around at the wares, I spotted a section of portable fans. There were the usual tabletop models and I nixed those rejects right away. I didn’t want air blowing on her cards or in her face. Moving on, I saw a row of sprightly ceiling fans—an array of wooden beauties purring pleasantly as I passed under them. They actually looked like some of the best ceiling fans around.

This was it, I thought. I will get one. I asked for a store salesman and began a process of discovery. “How will I choose the right one?” “Who will install it?” “Where is the switch?” “Is it safe?” These questions were dutifully answered and I selected a light-toned wood to go with the room decor, brass detailing, and a milk glass central fixture. “Wait!” the clerk called after her. “There is a remote.”

I was overjoyed at this news. I found out she could change the airflow output and turn the light on separately. In fact, I could even dim it. I could do it all from anywhere in the room, before, during, or after a game session. I would be cool as a cucumber in summer and early fall when the temperature still threatened to reach double digits. I was in game room heaven.

Having a private game room is indeed a luxury for anyone and I made it more so with my custom accoutrements. Now I didn’t have to think about it anymore. It was taken care of once and for all. I practically lived in the room and it had to be just right. Now it was.