Daily Archives: March 12, 2015

Cold Shock

One night, I came home late, dead tired. I had been out all day and was exhausted. I also felt a bit grubby and yearned for a nice hot shower to rinse off the dregs of the day. This was my one ritual that I could count on, on demand. I was thinking about it all the way home in the car. By the time I got there I was practically in a frenzy to get started. I ran into the bathroom to get undressed and pull out a towel and terry robe. In seconds I would be under the faucet.

I didn’t linger, although I had plenty of time. I would soon be in bed watching a last cartoon for the evening to help me glide into a deep sleep. It’s interesting how your body has a memory of something good, like a hot shower, so much so that you can practically feel it. Ah, the warmth deep into your bones.

I turned the hot knob first, knowing that it takes a little time. Then the cold one. I waited and waited a bit more. Uh oh, something was wrong. The cold stayed cold and the hot never materialized. I was in cold shock. Ugh. I couldn’t believe I was taking a dreaded cold shower. The spray felt like icy pins on my skin. My blood was going into deep freeze mode. I wanted to get sleepy: it was late. I did not need re-invigoration or revitalization. In essence, I was hopping mad.

I felt like Gohan provoked. Normally I, like him, am reticent enough, but when I am riled, I spew fire. And I don’t even need Z fighters. Like Gohan, I too am shy, studious and border on the intellectual. But we both have our emotional reserves which we can tap when angry. I was out of control mentally and wanted to burst from the bathroom and take on the hot water foe. Was it the hot water heater this time gone rebellious? It had done it before, even though my landlord had told me that she had put the best water heater in this apartment. Last time it played up, it had been duly reprimanded by me and the plumber alike and this time I wanted revenge even more.

I had to forego the hot shower but was still soaking wet. It took a few heavy blankets to undo the chill. I got to sleep late and woke up tired the next morning. Top on my list was the repairman. He said he would come later in the day, so my afternoon was ruined—all for a stupid tankless faceless unit. I wanted to paint an enemy face on the front of it so I could kick it a few times to feel better.

The plumber had an emergency and didn’t show until the next day. Alas, another cold shower. This was not something I wanted to get used to. I hate being at the mercy of electrical equipment. When the computer goes down I get livid. Imagine, I was so hot seething with frustration and yet I wanted more heat! I did get my wish that night, however, and calmed down enough to get back to a normal evening routine. Let me tell you, a good hot shower is worth its weight in gold!