Monthly Archives: May 2020

PokéStops Forever

The only thing that can get me out of the house in a flash, besides taking my dog for a walk or seeing my boyfriend, is going out to catch some Pokémon! Ever since they released Pokémon Go back in 2016 I’ve been obsessed. It was like a dream I never knew I had come true! It was one thing to play the card game – which I’ll never get over, of course – but it’s something else completely to be able to see those little cute-but-strong monsters in AR.

My boyfriend detests the game. He hates the cards, doesn’t mind the anime, but detests Pokémon Go. Such a shame we can’t go Pokémon hunting together, but he understands how much this means to me, plus, he also has his own hobbies which I’m not really into, like mountain bike riding, so it’s only fair to say that we agree to disagree.

Now that I have my own company to enjoy – and enjoy it quite I do! – I can freely go out around my neighborhood and explore the PokéStops as much as I want to. My parents don’t get it, but, they can’t really say anything because I still have a job and a social life, albeit most of my social life is online, apart from my boyfriend and a couple of friends.

I’ve made a ritual out of it. A few times a week I will dress up, put on some make-up, grab my favorite sunglasses and my favorite watch, put on my Pikachu sneaks, and grab my headphones. I always listen to BTS when I go hunting for Pokémon.

I usually walk around following the map, and try to catch as much Pokémon as I can find. Being a PokéMaster can be exhausting! Some days you’re luckier than others, but I just enjoy the process. After a while, I take a rest, grab a coffee to go, and just wander around. Then I take a different way home and usually look for Gyms. I’m ready to battle other PokéMasters by then!

Pokémon Go is really the best game ever. I can’t believe we live in a world where we get to experience AR on our phones! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the day they’ll develop this game for VR, it’ll be sooo exciting! And until then, I’m just gonna continue enjoying my walks to and fro the PokéStops!