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Last Night, Playing Pokémon GO!

It was late at night, the time of evening when those who like to prowl are a foot. You have to have your wits about you and watch and listen at every turn. You may be hunting someone yourself, like I am looking for Pokémon, but you can encounter all kinds of unearthly beings. You must be ready. They can hide in nooks and crannies and pop out when least expected. So, I carry a good police flashlight from Flashlight Pro to light my way and to reveal whatever lies lurking about. But it is only Pokémon I seek. The flashlight is a heavy duty large size. It is my constant companion. It can do double duty as a weapon to clobber anyone who bars my way. It is just as intimidating as anything else despite its harmless appearance. Think of it as a kind of police baton that also lights up the environment.

I move slowly so I don’t miss anything unexpected in my path. I am careful and watchful with eyes peeled to capture anything unexpected. I am stealthy and surefooted. It pays to be on your guard. Enemies abound even when you are on a harmless mission. It is all, of course, in my mind’s eye, but it is a powerful dream I have concocted that stays with me when I am awake. I must find what I seek. I must prevail. A dream is only successful if you accomplish your goal. I have all the experience in the world. It seems like I have been here before many times, but each one has a slightly different coloration. People say I have a vivid imagination and I would agree. Sometimes I see rising mists that are released from the solid ground. They surround me and protect me from evil. I have no fear as I cannot be seen until I wish to emerge. It is a matter of will. No one can force me to do anything. So, I continue to search as long as necessary. I know that in due time, I will find what I am looking for and it is only one thing. It gives me a focus and a limited range of expectations.

My flashlight grows heavy in my hand. I turn it off to enjoy the blissful dark of night. It is peaceful and quiet, a time when all voices are still. My brain is still turning however and generates its constant thoughts. I think I hear something. I turn the light back on, but there is nothing before me. I advance cautiously and make my way in the mist, one foot at a time. It is a solitary and lonely walk. There is no one present. I stumble and almost fall on a tree root. I steady myself and get my bearings. I have to be ready and Pokémon is before me. I have reached my goal. I am at the end of the line so to speak. I can wake with pleasure.

The Games Room

Emerald (that’s me) is very serious about her games and where she plays them. I created a special place, a spare room in fact, for this frequent purpose. It was a long time overdue. There I can play Pokemon cards and console games to my heart’s content without having to clean it all away to eat or do computer work of another sort. I can close the door and leave a mess—or not. It is my space.

The room is small but comfortable with a makeshift kind of desk, some basic wood chairs, and a little loveseat when I want/need to take a break. I have piled it with pillows. There is a window with a modest view and I keep it open for fresh air. Sometimes, however, it gets really hot and stuffy. I need to get air conditioning, but oh, the cost. Not possible. I can’t imagine putting in central air. So I’m off on a hunt.

I went to a used appliance store two blocks away. I had been there before having passed by and a little gotten curious. I knew it had all kinds of things for the home at a very good price, even though some of the merchandise was a little dusty. It was a place that students go, young married, and bachelors on a budget. As a thrifty soul, I went in and began to search.

After a bit of looking around at the wares, I spotted a section of portable fans. There were the usual tabletop models and I nixed those rejects right away. I didn’t want air blowing on her cards or in her face. Moving on, I saw a row of sprightly ceiling fans—an array of wooden beauties purring pleasantly as I passed under them. They actually looked like some of the best ceiling fans around.

This was it, I thought. I will get one. I asked for a store salesman and began a process of discovery. “How will I choose the right one?” “Who will install it?” “Where is the switch?” “Is it safe?” These questions were dutifully answered and I selected a light-toned wood to go with the room decor, brass detailing, and a milk glass central fixture. “Wait!” the clerk called after her. “There is a remote.”

I was overjoyed at this news. I found out she could change the airflow output and turn the light on separately. In fact, I could even dim it. I could do it all from anywhere in the room, before, during, or after a game session. I would be cool as a cucumber in summer and early fall when the temperature still threatened to reach double digits. I was in game room heaven.

Having a private game room is indeed a luxury for anyone and I made it more so with my custom accoutrements. Now I didn’t have to think about it anymore. It was taken care of once and for all. I practically lived in the room and it had to be just right. Now it was.