Pokémon For Halloween: Let the Games Begin!


Halloween is the perfect opportunity for adults to be kids again.  Although I never deny the fact that I am a twenty-four year old kid, it does give me some peace of mind to know it’s more acceptable on this fun and festive day.


If you haven’t chosen your Halloween costume, you might want to be a Pokémon character.  Many of them are pretty simple to put together on your own using a little creativity and imagination. Or, you can purchase part or all of your costume from a cosplay shop or even catch a great deal on a used outfit.


Being a self-confessed Pokémon fanatic, I am going to dress up like my favourite character, Charizard.  I started looking for my costume early this year and got a real bargain on the full dragon-like suit.  I had thought about making my own but Charizard is a wee bit more difficult than some of the others.


Pikachu is pretty simple to pull off.  In fact, I went as Pikachu last year and it was a huge hit with Pokémon fans.  Just dress in a yellow sweatshirt and sweatpants and make a long tail out of yellow fabric.  I used a swim noodle to give it some form and then wrapped it with yellow fabric and added a yellow feather boa onto it with tad of fabric glue.


I bought some black poster board and cut a lightning bolt from it and attached it to my back.  Then, I made rabbit ears from yellow poster board and attached them to a yellow head band.  I made the signature black ear tips by using a Sharpie pen.  Last but not least, I painted my face yellow and made black spots around my eyes and on my nose then big red circles on my cheeks.  I had a blast making the costume and of course, had a lot of fun showing it off too.


I am planning a small Pokémon get-together this year.  For decorations, I grabbed some birthday party supplies like a piñata, some backdrops and life size standees.  I am mixing the Pokémon theme with Halloween decorations.  A friend is carving some pumpkins for me in some of the Pokémon characters.


For entertainment, I am thinking Pokémon charades and Pokémon trivia along with a marathon of Pokémon games and maybe a movie too.  I have requested my guests come in Pokémon attire, which should add a lot of life to the party.


Pokémon and Halloween go great together.  It’s the one time of year that we Pokémon fans can live out our fantasy characters and not be teased about being immature.  On Halloween, it’s ok to be immature.  In fact, it’s encouraged.  So, give yourself a break and live it up like me this Halloween, Pokémon style.