Pokémon: Still Lovin’ It

Some people remember the first car or their first kiss.   I remember the first time I played Pokémon.  Yeah, it was THAT good!


My big brother had the game on Game Boy but would never let me play.  So, I did what little brothers do best.  I got on his Game Boy and played when he was gone one day.  I was in love, engulfed in the game that stole my heart.  I couldn’t put it down.  My brother assisted me in putting it doing so when he got home.  The punch didn’t bother me though.  It only left a small bruise and was a small price to pay for a darn good play.


Times have changed.  Well, somewhat.  I actually own my own Pokémon games now.  At twenty-four years of age, I’m such a kid.  I still love Pokémon.


What is Pokémon?  Pokémon is a group of video games that consist of the old classics and new versions as well.  They are produced by Nintendo.  The games have given way to anime, movies, manga and even trading cards and toys.


Originally, the games were for Game Boy but are on other platforms too now.  Believe it or not, the name is a Japanese tweak of the words “pocket monster”.There are 754 Pokémon to date, not that I’m counting or anything.


Charizard is my favourite without a doubt.  I mean, how can you not love the fire-breathing little guy?   His name is even cool, meaning “charred lizard”.  What I adore about him the most is that he will never pick on someone who is weaker than he is.  The real world could stand to learn a good lesson from Charizard.


Pikichu is another one of my favourite characters.  He’s a chubby mouse with long pointy ears.  He is one of the regulars and is considered to be one of the Pokémon mascots.  The game wouldn’t be the same without Pikichu, that’s for sure.


There are tons of people around the world who are just as addicted to Pokémon as I am.  There are a number of fan clubs to prove that. I’m a card-holding member.  Many of them are for adults which makes me feel better.  At least I know I am not a total freak and that I’m in good company.


There are some things about the game that seem to me should be for adults anyway.  Like the fact that Alakazam has a death sentence of sorts.  With his brain constantly growing, his future doesn’t look all that bright to me.  And what about Spoink?  Cute as cute can be, the energetic little pig bounces around non-stop.  But I would too if to stop bouncing meant I would die.  Spoink doesn’t seem like a good influence for hyperactive kids.  But Pokémon is all in fun, no matter what the critics say.


My favourite Pokémon games are Pokémon X and Y.  Why?  I like the new powers of Charizard.  He can mega evolve which is really awesome.


I somewhat remember the first time I drove a car.  But cars have come and gone.  Kisses have come and gone too.  Pokémon, though, has been my mainstay.  It has gotten me through some really dark times and has been there to help me celebrate the good times as well.  With Pokémon in my life, I may never grow up.  But again, growing up is over-rated.