Emerald needs to get fit and she found the cutest little trampoline for indoor home use. Yes, she could go to the gym and work out strenuously in front of others, but no, she will not go that route. She will enjoy her new purchase as she wishes in the privacy of her bedroom while watching her favorite animation. Her action device is white with a red trim. She has painted black stars on the surface. They are a kind of inspiration and motto for her workout experience. And it is by no means ordinary.

Do the small trampolines work as well as the big ones you ask? Why yes, of course. If you can keep yourself in one position and not flop around and fall off, you are sure to benefit from the smaller space used. That is all most of us have anyway. You can elect to go outside by the pool or stay under shelter on the patio, but most homes and apartments have someplace one can stash this bouncing wonder. Worst case scenario is to stash it in a closet and use it in the hall.

I got the best trampoline that I could afford because it seemed like fun at the time and that turned out to be very true. You can get hypnotized going up and down, up and down, seemingly forever. It works the muscles but good. Your legs get the most benefit, but you can get your arms into the action as well. It builds strength, stamina, and muscle tone: just what the doctor ordered! I could have purchased some weights—boring. I could have bought some elastic bands and straps—boring. I could have gone for big plastic balls—cute but boring. I want to move like my favorite flexible anime heroes, to be in their zone, partake of their bounding spirits. And so I bought the trampoline for beneficial bouncing.

I love this simple thing. Just a piece of stretch canvas and a metal rim wrapped in cloth. My dog watches dutifully as it pop up and down before his eager eyes. He moves his crazy little head as I rise and fall in rhythm. It makes me laugh so hard that I almost fall off the springing mat. I can’t say that this is for everyone, but it is definitely for me. I am getting to the point of doing it twice a day: when I get up, and after dinner. Wow! I am going to be fit as a fiddle and thin as a rail to use some worn out old terms. But they work.

I am maybe overdoing it a bit, but at first it’s like that with new things. Who knew getting in shape could be such fun. I thought exercise was regimented and rote. With the trampoline you feel that you could reach the skies. There is such freedom and joy about it. It releases your inner energy and boosts your spirit. I think it might spark creativity as well while it rattles the brain into new modes of thinking. Trust me. This is a very good thing!